Mechanical Engineering - Maintenance of Industrial Equipment

Baccalauréat Professionnel Maintenance des Equipements Industriels. This EQF Level 4 qualification covers various areas within industrial maintenance: during the 3-year course, students are trained to understand and perform the installation, maintenance, and repair of machinery used in manufacturing and industry. Holders of the qualification will be able to work on pluri-technological systems (mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical) and manage maintenance operations in metal working, textile, food, chemical, printing, and other industries.

BTS Maintenance des Systèmes. This 2-year EQF Level 5 course trains qualified technicians in charge of the maintenance operations. The qualified technician will be able to perform, manage, supervise and report about all maintenance operations, work on systems improvement.

Electrical Engineering and Connected Environments

CAP Préparation et Réalisation d’Ouvrages Electriques : In this EQF level 3 course students prepare for a career in building services, specialising in electrical installation.  As well as electrical know-how, learners will study wiring and terminals, fabrication techniques, and electrical science and technology, site preparation and maintenance (in domestic, service and industrial environments).

Baccalauréat Professionnel Métiers de l’Electrotechnique et de ses Environnements Connectés : This programme is designed for students who wish to train for a career as an electrician within the electrotechnical industry. This EQF Level 4 qualification covers various areas within electrotechnical technology: health and safety, communications, connections and terminations (digital environments, home automation), electrical technology, basic inspection and testing procedures, fault-finding techniques, electrical installation design.


All of our learners undertake work placements as part of their course : up to 14 weeks over two years, at EQF Level 3, up to 22-weeks over three years, at EQF Level 4, and up to 10 weeks over 2 years, at EQF Level 5.